Thank you for visiting my Website.   From here I have shared information and links about the organizations I am active with and my interests.   I am open to new ventures and ideas that help create value and drive growth.   You may contact me using various social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook – or an eMail or phone call work as well.   To learn more About me see the link to the page About.   For a detailed resume follow the link to Resume.

Major focus is with:

Spendship Logo

Spendship is a mobile eCommerce Start-Up in Nashville, TN.   Focused on bringing the success of Pinterest and Facebook with a mobile eCommerce solution the world has not seen, yet.



NotionPath LLC is a company I own and manage.  We provide solutions that enable organizations to fully leverage the Internet to share content and knowledge to build community.  We offer solutions for Corporations, Publishers, Associations and Employers.   Follow the link on the left to the NotionPath website for more information.

Digital Publishing Innovation is a website that offers ideas and solution to levering information on-line.  Follow the link on the left to the Digital Publishing Innovation website for more information.

Contact Me:

eMail:        David  @ DavidMcKnight.com

Twitter:    @djmcknight

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