Thank you for visiting my Website.   From here I have shared information and links about the organizations I am active with and my interests.   I am open to new ventures and ideas that help create value and drive growth.   You may contact me using various social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook – or an eMail or phone call work as well.   To learn more About me see the link to the page About.

NotionPath NEW Logo - bulbNotionPath LLC is a company I own and manage.  We provide consulting with People, Process and Profits.   From recruiting and team building to innovative process improvement to securing an organization by focusing on driving profits and managing risks.   With a keen eye to Strategy and Planning the focus is on Execution Management and empowering the team by leadership ensuring resources and aligned and lead with intent.

Major Services:

  • Strategic Planning and Execution Management – 10% Plan 90% Do.
  • Team Recruiting with a deep network for Executives, Sales, Marketing, Software Development, Accounting, HR roles.  Also can assist with recruiting processes, social media and employer branding, pre and post placement evaluations.
  • Innovation and Process Improvement –  creating strong systems and process leadership to empower your team to be innovative, client focused and profitable.
  • Manage risk and profits but setting clear leading indicators, goals and objectives for your entire team.

Contact Me:

eMail:        David  @ DavidMcKnight.com

Twitter:    @djmcknight

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