The Power of Zero Documentary (Update)

In addition to dignitaries such as former Comptroller General of the US Government David Walker, Tom Hegna, Van Mueller, and PhD Marty Eichenbaum, we’ve added the following interviews:

Ben Carson:  Current Secretary of HUD in Trump’s cabinet, and former brain surgeon who has strong opinions on the fiscal solvency of Medicare and Medicaid.

Ed Slott:  6-time National PBS Television show host, author of multiple books and founder of

Laurence Kotlikoff:  PhD, Boston University, Author of “Get What’s Yours”, New York Times Bestseller, and foremost expert on our nation’s spiraling debt crisis.

We’re planning on a nationwide release in early September, 2018.  Through websites such as, you’ll be able to rent movie theaters in your market for client appreciation or prospecting events.  On websites such as, you’ll be able to either rent the movie or purchase copies.  Physical DVDs will also be available.  Whichever avenue you choose, you’ll be able to use this movie to promote the Power of Zero concept to your clients.  Eventually the movie will land on Netflix where it will be exposed to a vast national audience.

Stay tuned for more updates!