• Do you know you have great people but struggle to get alignment and results?

  • Are you struggling to get Scale?

  • Challenged with finding, retaining, developing and engaging your People?

  • Need to build a team of ownership-minded people focused on profits?


NotionPath NEW Logo - bulbNotionPath LLC is a company focused on serving Small to Medium Businesses and their Owners and Executives.   We also serve working professionals in many disciplines with the challenge in seeking employment and professional growth.

Our approach is not as a consultant but as practitioners.   We have a history of doing, in the trenches, working and living the challenges and opportunities of business and professional success.   Taking great ideas, vision (and clarifying that), strong leaders (and building them), create a Strategic plan and more importantly – a method of Execution that drives day-to-day decisions and performance.   That success is driven by focusing on the foundation of value creation – People, Process and Profits.

People: We all get people are our key resource.  Recruiting the right people, empowering teams and alignment are huge challenges.   I have done this with hundreds of people, many teams and several businesses. Alignment, execution, accountability, empowerment and solve the challenge of getting scale.

Process: No two companies are exactly alike and require unique processes based on a sound foundation. Roles, responsibility and clear accountability is the goal. I have solutions that meet a variety of organization needs.

Profits: are what fuel any organizations. It provides – OPTIONS!  Startups lose sight of that – small and midsize companies struggle to put it in terms the whole team owns.   Profit needs to be a honest and direct conversation in financial terms anyone can understand.  I’ve had those difficult conversations and built teams of profit seekers.

ResultsBring C-Level Experience as a CEO, COO, and CFO.  All aspects of Business Development and Marketing, Human Resources, Business IT and Technology, Product Development, Project Management, Business Legal and Administration Issues.   Crossing many Industries with the clear intent that YOU are the expert in YOUR business…we are the catalyst …empowering your team to own the changes that WILL take place.

I welcome the opportunity to have open, direct, and confidential conversations with business owners and C-Level executives to explore ways I can help – a little or a lot.   If you are a professional seeking to make sense of the current job market and take charge of your own search I would be interested in helping you because after all – you have the ability to make a difference.

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Contact Me:

eMail:        David  @ DavidMcKnight.com

Twitter:    @djmcknight  and @notionpath

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